ATTENTION: All 'SAVVY' online Consumers, interested in SAVING and NOT giving your money away to the banks...

All 'SAVVY' online Consumers, interested in SAVING and NOT giving your money away to the banks...

Who Else Wants Reliable Information And
Techniques That Will

Save Thousands AND Allow you to TAKE BACK CONTROL from the Banks
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Recently, Author Mandy Akridge revealed that she settled $85,000 for $16,500 saving $68,500 using a few simple techniques.

Even better ... You can now easily and affordably get this information and learn settle your own debts, saving tens of thousands of dollars with her easy to use no-strings-attached methods.

You don't have to enter an email, or get unneccesary spam mail constantly trying to sell you more products. - It's a one-time purchase, so get ready to eliminate your debt completely!!

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Considering debt settlement? The simple truth is that it's best to handle your own debt settlement program, rather than pay someone else to deal with your creditors. By negotiating your own settlements, you'll save a ton of money in fees, decrease the risk of creditor backlash, and feel better about the process when you're done.

I spent hundreds of hours researching debt settlement strategies. Finally, I coughed up $120 for "Richard Gellers" advice and much to my annoyance , it was no different from my own research. And he was one of the cheaper ones. The others were over $400 and up. Because of this, I wrote a book and published it showing you how to avoid paying unscrupulous debt settlement companies thousands dollars.

Good News!

Negotiate and Settle YourDebts - A Debt Settlement Strategy

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"Easily Settle Your Debts for as low as 20 Cents on the Dollar"
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" I just wanted to share a few recent settlements BofA biz line of credit Balance 101k ! they just agreed to a 10k one lump sum settlement 9.6% !"

" I'm starting to get settlement offers from my 5 other credit cards now, incrementally moving lower and lower. I can't wait to celebrate in a few months after this is all settled!"

" I'm very excited because I just got my 1st 20% settlement offer (from Citibank)!!"

" I wanted to send a quick thanks:I've settled three accounts so far with an average of 30 cents on the dollar."

" I was able to settle with 2 companies for under 30% and was ecstatic! I still have 3 more to negotiate, but Mandy's book has given me the confidence that I can do it."

" Currently I am settling with a few creditors for about 30% but am hoping to get the others to go lower."

" I got 2 settlements for 2 business credit cards with Bank of America for 20% just like you said in the book. Thank you Mandy, btw, my accountant loves your book as well and has already recommended it to several of his clients."

" I have 8 accounts in collections and I have settled with four account in the past four months, and averaging 29 cents on the dollar for full settlements. I borrowed 5,000 from grandparents to make full settlement offers. I will be completely debt free in feb 2011.This book has saved me thousands of dollars! BUY IT!"


The ebook and book offered here, offers advice on debt settlement so that you get relief from credit card debt, unsecured loans and other unpaid bills by settling your debt. This is the best value for your money for a debt settlement strategy that you will find.

However, we all know it's easier said than done. You could have the general ideas of debt settlement, but if you are approaching the banks correctly you could be leaving THOUSANDS on the table. One thing I can assure you of, when you read my information, after buying the costly services, you will kick yourself for the expensive purchase.

But wait! Lets talk about Debt Settlement Companies. If you owe $100,000, and they (the Debt Settlement Companies) settle for $40,000 saving you $60,000 (which you still have to pay Income on to Uncle Sam), they then charge 15% of the $60,000 upfront which is $9000. This is an example of one of the BIGGEST debt settlement companies on the web. They get their money up front, and once they are paid, they then start negotiating settlement. You have NO CONTROL over what they are doing (if they are doing anything), AND the
banks HATE DEALING with Debt Settlement Companies.

See Testimonials on the Testimonials Page!!!

Average, everyday, ordinary people can successfully negotiate with their creditors

Let's face it, no-one wants to be in debt. We all get in debt, and once we are in debt we are stuck in debt. There are very few options to get out to credit card debt, or any other unsecured debt. Many people will give advice to pay your debt by using your 401k. You will not get that debt advice here. Credit card debt is the easiest debt to resolve. It's the one type of debt that the banks are willing to work with you on. A debt settlement strategy will be part of your credit but not forever. Your credit could jump back quite quickly when your debt is resolved. Creditors want to work with you on agreeing on a settlement. Creditors may seem resistant, but they are really not. Get help with your debt today. The strategy for Negotiate and Settle your debts does work!

Yes, You CAN settle your own debts without the help of a professional? Of course you can! You too can drastically reduce your debt in a short amount of time, using the same techniques that I did! You will literally save thousands of dollars in debt. Once your debt is settled, you will wonder how you ever lived with such a large amount of debt for so long, and why you never considered settlement before. These are the secrets that collection agencies don't want you to know about credit card debt

You become an informed, independent person once more, when you have the knowledge that allows you to do this process on your own..

Sounds like a lot of work? Well it's definitely not as easy as just doing nothing, and continuing to suffer in misery under the burdon of debt! However, thanks to the current economy, it's now a lot easier to get your creditors to agree to your terms

In an easy to understand format, this information shows you how to...

 Easily shows you how to talk to collectors and how to get the harrassing calls to stop

 What to do from the first missed payment.

 How to deal with the original creditor as opposed to collection agents.

 How long to wait and when and how to suggest settlement..

 What happens after the first 180 days

 Give Sample Letters, to make the negotiation process simple.

 How to format the final payoff.

 How to validate a debt from your creditor.

 How to Remove Inaccurate Information for your credit report.

 Automatically generates website thumbnails for each product.

 Reasons to why to Not File Bankruptcy.

 Lenders, debt forgiveness and important IRS information.

 Statute of Limitations, FDCPA and FCRA.

To give you some background on collection agencies, most bad debt companies pay or receive literally pennies on the dollar for the debts on which they are trying to collect, and then try to get the full amount from you.

I know how it is when you are stressed and worried about how to pay your bills because you've been out of work for months. Getting up in the morningis an ordeal because of the stress you are under. I have been there! I successfully obtained credit card debt settlements using the debt settlement teqniques described in the book above. I practise what I preach.

So, INSTEAD of spending hundreds up to thousands of dollars for debt settlement companies, why not get this for under $15? What can you lose, at this price? I got Bank of America to agree to twenty cents on the dollar by month 4. I am POSTING the letter on here

Because this is based on my personal experiences, I really would like to help others with the knowledge I have gained, at a minimal cost. I don't believe in taking advantage of people when they are down and out, like these people who are offering their so-called "expertise" at a very high price.

How Much Will This Cost You? Only $14.79 For a limited time only!

Yes, for the price of two pizzas or 4 expensive Starbucks drinks, you will get access to this amazing information that could literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yes, do the math. 30% interest on $50,000 means you have paid back the full amount in under 4 years, and you haven't even started on the principal. The amount you end up paying back on your debts are astounding (assuming you have 25 years at the minimum payment)

Why Under $15?

I'm only charging under $15 for this information for 3 reasons.

Reason 1: Under $15 puts the information within reach of the vast majority of people.

Reason 2: It's not too expensive for people even in the worst financial situations.

Reason 3: Anyone who's serious about learning about debt settlement, having to invest only $14.79 is a pretty inexpensive place to start.

P.S. Seriously, for under $15 you'll get the book or digital ebook and you can also email me with questions. How can you pass on that?

P.P.S. The price WILL change soon. So don't take your time to think about it Order Yours Now!

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Debts You CAN Settle

Credit card debt settlement is quite common. Other than unsecured credit cards, medical bills, personal loans can also be settled. Tax debts, alimony, child support, mortgages, car loans and federally insured student loans are excluded from a settlement program, meaning, you cannot settle your debts with these types of loans. Debt settlement program provides an easy way out of debt. Your credit score is likely to go down when you stop paying your creditors. You can then save money for debt settlement or credit card debt settlement. You can begin to repair your score by using a secured credit card, even if you have a poor credit history. Settle your credit card debt today and start on the road to being debt free!

Good and bad effects of debt settlement or credit card debt settlement
Whether you go for credit card debt settlement program or settlement on personal loans, payday loans etc, here are the good and bad that you should know

Good Affects
Avoid bankruptcy: With debt settlements, reduce your debt burden and pay off your bills. You can negotiate with the creditors or collection agency and settle your debts. You can avoid having to file
Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You could lose your home and car in bankruptcy as your assets are sold to pay your creditors.Accumulate your monthly payments are to be pay your creditors during negotiation. Avoid unfair collection practices: You can avoid unfair collection practices and harassment by debt collectors and you can negotiate a settlement.Avoid lawsuit & other legal actions: Creditors can file a lawsuit, get a judgment, garnish your wages or place a lien on your home. You can avoid such legal actions if you're in settlement program with your creditor.

Bad Effects:
Your Credit score drops: In the settlement program process, you stop paying your creditors till you gather funds to make a lump sum payment to settle your debt. Sometimes, you can settle your debt only after your accounts are charged off. Due to late payment or charge-offs, your credit score will be affected. There are remedies to repair your credit in the book "Negotiate and Settle Your Debts"Possible that you may owe taxes: Credit card settlement or planning to settle other debts may cause creditors to forgive a percentage of what you owe. The IRS will expect you to pay taxes on this forgiven debt which is known as cancellation-of-debt income. "Negotiate and Settle Your Debts" goes over this topic in detail. There are ways to settle your debt and not pay taxes. Your Account status on your credit report will be updated as "Settled" or if negotiated "Paid in full" status
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